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Elle Florence

I am a young professional, entrepreneur and jewelry designer based in Washington State. I started my Nouvelle Pearl jewelry line in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2016 and moved the business across the border as a dual citizen in 2019.

I have grown my small business and online presence as a creator while working full time in law, and prioritize maintaining a balance between the analytical and creative sides of my personality. In harmony with this perspective, my video content and designs available on this site aim to balance aesthetics and practicality.


Nouvelle Pearl is my hand-made jewelry line featuring the highest quality genuine pearls at affordable prices. Pearls used include Tahitian, Akoya, baroque, and freshwater pearls, all set in sterling silver, 14kt gold-filled (never gold-plated), or solid 14kt or 18kt gold findings. 

a note on 14kt Gold-filled findings

If a piece is not solid gold, its is 14kt gold-filled, never plated (sometimes called vermeil). The reason is quite simply, quality. I want Nouvelle Pearl jewelry to be wearable every day, to live beyond trends, and to be heirloom quality. 14kt gold-filled findings accomplish that while keeping gold pieces under $500. The price of solid gold has gone up dramatically over time, but you don't want to sacrifice quality because of this. 

14kt gold-filled findings are created by wrapping an actual layer of 14K gold around a brass core. This is a highly regulated process, and that layer of gold has to be 1/20th gold by weight. It has stood the test of time in my experience, because I have inherited several gold-filled pieces from my great-grandparents, with the gold still intact and shiny. 

This is contrasted with gold-plating/vermeil, which is a chemical, ionic process where the charge dissipates and the gold can wear off over a period of months or years, even with proper care.

Akoya and Tahitian Pearls vs Freshwater Pearls

All the pearls on my site are the highest quality that can be sourced, most often directly from the pearl farm to keep the price to quality ratio as high as possible for my customers. I use both seawater (Akoya and Tahitian) and Freshwater pearls. The difference is aesthetic in that Akoya and Tahitian pearls are cultured in oysters and born of sea water. These pearls are highly prized, tend to be perfect spheres and are completely untreated and never dyed.

Freshwater pearls have so much personality and the sky is the limit as to shape and color. Baroque pearls are quirky conversation pieces, and the round pearls I source come close to Akoya pearls in their luster and spherical shape. In this latest launch, I am using higher quality and larger freshwater pearls than ever. No matter which Nouvelle Pearls you choose, they will always be genuine, lustrous and beautiful. 


One of my favorite aspects of working with customers is the process of collaborating with you on custom orders. Custom orders are always welcome. Since my pearl jewelry is made to order, requests for custom clasps, lengths, or any other variation you can imagine are almost always possible. Requests for clip earrings are something I often make as well, so don't hesitate to contact me at for any jewelry request you think of!


Nouvelle Apparel scarves are created from 70% cashmere and 30% silk for a signature soft fabric that glides over the skin without causing overheating or piling. The scarves are ethically made in Nepal by a small family owned local business. Each scarf is finished with modern detailing, with a small removable label and soft short eyelash fringe.
The scarves are fume-free and hand-washable using natural dye and packaged with tissue for a luxurious experience. The scarves can also be dry cleaned if desired.  

The design is oversized to allow it to be worn as a scarf or shawl, and measures 200 x 90 cm or 70" x 35"


I can ship to virtually any address in the world. Shipping is free to the US and Canada, and $15 for all other countries. 


All the jewelry available on this site is hand-made, and therefore returns and exchanges are not available.

Unworn Nouvelle Apparel may be exchanged only for a different color upon request.

Genuine pearls set in fine jewelry require special care. Please avoid exposure to chemicals and surfactants. The pouches included in your purchase are specially designed for pearls and to protect the precious metals used in the design of each piece, so please store your Nouvelle Pearl jewelry inside it.


To learn about how to convert Nouvelle Pearls from long to short, watch the short illustration below. Simply detach the bracelet that forms part of the long necklace in order to wear it as a short necklace and bracelet. Standard length is 16.5 inches for the short necklace and 7.5 inches for the bracelet, for a combined 24 inch long necklace.