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Gold Collection

Gold Collection

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Akoya Celebration 18kt Gold Stud EarringsAkoya Celebration 18kt Gold Stud Earrings
Akoya Hand Knotted Pearl BraceletAkoya Hand Knotted Pearl Bracelet
Akoya Hand Knotted Pearl Bracelet Sale priceFrom $149.00
Akoya Hand Knotted Pearl NecklaceAkoya Hand Knotted Pearl Necklace
Akoya Hand Knotted Pearl Necklace Sale priceFrom $349.00
Akoya Pearl 18kt Gold Victory PendantAkoya Pearl 18kt Gold Victory Pendant
Akoya Pearl Fairy Hoop EarringsAkoya Pearl Fairy Hoop Earrings
Akoya Pearl Gold ChokerAkoya Pearl Gold Choker
Akoya Pearl Gold Choker Sale price$119.00
Akoya Pearl Gold Dew Drop ChainAkoya Pearl Gold Dew Drop Chain
Akoya Pearl Pendent EarringsAkoya Pearl Pendent Earrings
Aquamarine Ocean EarringsAquamarine Ocean Earrings
Aquamarine Ocean Earrings Sale price$99.00
Baroque Ombré BraceletBaroque Ombré Bracelet
Baroque Ombré Bracelet Sale priceFrom $99.00
Baroque Ombré Dew Drop ChainBaroque Ombré Dew Drop Chain
Baroque Ombré NecklaceBaroque Ombré Necklace
Baroque Ombré Necklace Sale priceFrom $189.00
Baroque Vermeer EarringsBaroque Vermeer Earrings
Baroque Vermeer Earrings Sale price$89.00
Convertible Freshwater Pearl Sunglass, Mask Chain, and NecklaceConvertible Freshwater Pearl Sunglass, Mask Chain, and Necklace
Gem Elixir Convertible NecklaceGem Elixir Convertible Necklace
Gem Elixir Convertible Necklace Sale priceFrom $139.00
Gem Elixir Hoop EarringsGem Elixir Hoop Earrings
Gem Elixir Hoop Earrings Sale priceFrom $95.00
Heirloom Gold Locket CollectionHeirloom Gold Locket Collection
Heirloom Gold Locket Collection Sale priceFrom $119.00
Orchidée Royale Baroque 14kt Gold PendantOrchidée Royale Baroque 14kt Gold Pendant
Orchidée Royale Baroque Hand-Knotted BraceletOrchidée Royale Baroque Hand-Knotted Bracelet
Orchidée Royale Baroque Hand-Knotted Strand NecklaceOrchidée Royale Baroque Hand-Knotted Strand Necklace
Petite Baroque EarringsPetite Baroque Earrings
Petite Baroque Earrings Sale price$69.00
Petite Baroque Infinity ChainPetite Baroque Infinity Chain
Petite Baroque Infinity Chain Sale priceFrom $89.00
Snowflake Pearl Gold Hoop EarringsSnowflake Pearl Gold Hoop Earrings
Tahitian Pearl 18kt Stud EarringsTahitian Pearl 18kt Stud Earrings
Tahitian Pearl 18kt White Gold Victory PendantTahitian Pearl 18kt White Gold Victory Pendant
Tahitian Pearl 18kt Yellow Gold Victory PendantTahitian Pearl 18kt Yellow Gold Victory Pendant
Tahitian Pearl Gold ChokerTahitian Pearl Gold Choker
Tahitian Pearl Gold Choker Sale price$159.00
Tahitian Pearl Hand-Knotted Silk BraceletTahitian Pearl Hand-Knotted Silk Bracelet
Tahitian Pearl Hand-Knotted Silk NecklaceTahitian Pearl Hand-Knotted Silk Necklace
Tahitian Pearl Long Dew Drop ChainTahitian Pearl Long Dew Drop Chain
Tahitian Pearl Pendent EarringsTahitian Pearl Pendent Earrings
Tahitian Pearl Short Dew Drop ChainTahitian Pearl Short Dew Drop Chain